Friday, April 10, 2009


These girls (Patti Palladin & Judy Nylon) put together nothin' but gems during their run together from around 1974 to 1983? Patti, in my opinion, was quite the looker, hence the featured scan coming from her side of the picture sleeve. I believe she dated Mr. Johnny Thunders for a bit and put out a record of mostly covers with said bloke entitled "Copy Cats."
"You and Johnny have similar backgrounds, what was it like growing up in New York?"
" survive in that sort of environment, it's essential to develop your 'attitude' at a very early age. Although I grew up in Brooklyn and Johnny grew up in Queens, the similarity of our backgrounds is strong -- the basic 'neighbourhood mentality'. The neighbourhood was sliced into 'gang-governed territories'; my neighbourhood was more or less shared by The Phantom Lords and The Hell Burners, Jerry [Nolan] was a 'Young Lord'. The letters D.L.A.M.F. (Down Like A Mother Fucker) and D.T.K. (Down To Kill) were a common at one-way signs. Yet, STYLE, not violence was the main motive... your main concern was really your profile. Mind you, there was a fair amount of bloodshed over who had more style -- violence was merely the result of too much style and too much attitude. I can't erase all that, and I'm sure Johnny and Jerry can't either."
Excerpt from an interview with Patti Palladin lifted from the Snatch website. This record was recorded at Judy's flat in 1976 and has most certainly been covered before, but there are still those to count among the uninitiated, which is indeed quite a shame.


  1. i like this album cover. quite the looker indeed

  2. was pretty certain i weren't the only one...

  3. It needs to be said, I love Snatch. I'm digging it.

  4. great find do you have the shopping for clothes/red army 12"? Thanx