Friday, April 24, 2009

Nasty Facts

"Formed in Brooklyn, New York 79/80. They were previously called Pandemonium but soon changed to the catchier Nasty Facts when Cherl Boyze joined. Miss Boyze (a/k/a Boyce) was the tom-boy bass-guitarist and vocalist/songwriter in this highly underated outfit. In 1981 they released their only vinyl output, the catchy 3 track 45 'Drive my Car' b/w 'Gotta Get To You' / 'Crazy Bout You' out on Jimboco Records of New York City. It's quality didn't gain 'em much attention outside the big apple but it wasn't long before it travelled across the ocean where it got licensed and turned up on the tiny Dudley based 5th Column Record label in the UK. John Peel on Radio One often played them on his radio show too, but sadly that was the last we heard from 'em as the Nasty Facts." [Women In Punk.]
"Nasty Facts made quite an impact on the NY punk/new wave scene, especially considering that they only released one single, and were just teenagers at the time. They appeared regularly at Max's Kansas City, CBGB, and most of the other hot spots of the time. Their success culminated in the release of a 3 song 7" ep on Jimboco Records, produced by Ramona Jan (Dizzy and the Romilars, Comateens). The single was very well received, and has become a highly sought after collectable."
This one took a minute to grow on me, a bit too pop for my usual tastes. It remains a popular record among collectors which provides me with reason enough to re-examine it.


  1. this one is awesome... one of my favorites

  2. good to hear it. thanks for stopping by