Friday, May 15, 2009


"The Testors were formed by Sonny Vincent in New York City 1975 at the heart of what became punk rock as we know it today. They were loud, raw as fuck, and didn’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. While contemporaries The Ramones, Blondie and The Heartbreakers were making history, the Testors were lighting clubs on fire, going to jail, and Sonny was eventually admitted to a psychiatric hospital.
Along the way they were regulars at CBGB’s, Max’s Kansas City and shared stages with the likes of Suicide, The Cramps and The Dead Boys. With only one legitimate release spanning their career (a highly sought after 7"), the band continued to turn their noses at major label offers."
Had this one all lined up to post, but per my usual modus operandi, I took too long. My mother always says I'll be late to my own funeral. Oh well. So this time around, a click on the record title will take you to the almighty Killed By Death site for their coverage of the same record.
The above quoted text comes from Swami Records who put out a killer collection of Testors material available here.

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