Friday, May 1, 2009


"The band was started by Phil "Freeze" Falcone and his cousin Luke "Warm" Palladino sometime around 1977 maybe even as far back as 1976. They lived around the corner from each other in Brooklyn and they were inseparable. Phil wrote and sang all the songs and played guitar, Luke played bass and sang a few verses (he is the guy singing on the second verse of "Big Doings"). He is also the creator of the pissed tombstone popsicle logo we used. I answered an ad in the Voice (maybe it was the Aquarian) looking for a drummer influenced by the Ramones and the New York Dolls... We talked for a few hours that first phone conversation and that seemed to be an omen that we would make a good fit. Phil most definitely had the gift for gab, always had. He could make friends and talk for hours with anyone! Even a dead guy!" Corpsicles history as related to MXV of The Punk Vault by Corpsicles drummer, Mike Leary.


  1. Hey, I just started a blog and was looking for tips on posting mp3s if you have any... I was going to post the Corpsicles "RU12" LP, and saw you had the 7", which I never heard! Thanks!

  2. Hey Destroy! I'll be heading over to pick up RU12 as i'm way too lazy to rip my own vinyl at the moment. The only tips i've got are to keep everything high quality and include the artwork. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. It is good to here people talking about my uncles band 35 years after the LP was released

  4. Mikey Leary served as a producer for my band Expletive Deleted's early demos in 84. Would love to know what happened to him...